Zelda Reading from The Soul March 6th 2018 NCCU Shepard Library 6pm

James E. Shepard Memorial Library’s Authors Club 
The James E. Shepard Memorial Library’s Authors Club will feature Professor Zelda Lockhart, Alumni Endowed Chair, Department of Language & Literature at North Carolina Central University to discuss her book, The Soul of the Full-Length Manuscript: Turning Life’s Wounds into the Gift of Literary Fiction, Memoir, or Poetry.  Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina, promulgates, “This book should come with a warning label: ‘Be ready, you are going to have to go deeper than you ever imagined’.” Professor Lockhart is a teacher, speaker and award-winning author of several books including, Fifth Born, Cold Running Creek, and Fifth Born II: The Hundredth Turtle.  She also serves as the Director at LaVenson Press Studios: Inspiring Women to Self-Define, Heal, and Liberate Through Writing & Publishing and served as Director of Global Piedmont Laureate in North Carolina. 
When: March 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Where: Student Leisure Reading Area, 2nd Floor, James E. Shepard Memorial Library
Vernice Faison,
James E. Shepard Memorial Library

Phone: 919-530-6220