Zelda Lockhart

Award Winning Author and
Director of LaVenson Press Studios:
Inspiring Women to Self-Define Through Writing & Publishing. 

Zelda gives us an unflinching view of the human spirit surviving adversity, confronting despair with stubbornness and wry humor, and achieving levels of insight that display a genuine sense of compassion.

 – Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina 



“Fifth Born II is a rich and important tale.
This story breathes fire, but it
does not scorch – it is the type of fire
that warms and enlightens.”

Randall Kenan
author of A Visitation of Spirits


Zelda Lockhart designs and facilitates workshops for adults and children. Her objective is to empower people to self-define, and take command of their own destiny through the arts.


“As a speaker, Zelda inspires not just close listening, but activity. She shares a measure of her own spirit and energy with everyone in the room.”
Ed Southern, Executive Director
North Carolina Writer’s Network